Gehm & Sons supplies gases such as CO2 used for floral preservation, Nitrogen for beer and paintball uses and helium for filling party balloons.

Nitrogen UN 1066

Nitrogen gas is typically used for pushing beer in various tap systems. It is also commonly used for paintball.  Nitrogen gas is available in cylinders from 20 cubic feet up to 240 cubic foot tanks

CO2  UN 1013

Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2) is typically used for carbonating beverages and and pushing beer through tap systems.  It is also used in floral preservation, for stage shows, and in certain plumbing applications. Our CO2 gas is available in tanks ranging from 5 lbs to 50 lbs.

Helium  UN 1046

In addition to medical and industrial uses, Helium is most typically used for inflating balloons.  We offer Helium in tanks from 20 cubic feet to 240 cubic feet.

Propane UN 1075

Gehm and Sons provides propane tanks for food trucks, RVs, motorhomes, industrial, and residential uses. Propane is available for pickup only at our Akron location and is sold by the gallon. Bring your tank for filling.

Walk In Pricing

We welcome walk in customers and have the following published pricing for our dry ice and gas products.

retail dry ice prices ohio

Commercial Customers

Call 330-773-6176 for pricing and delivery options for Nitrogen, CO2, or Helium.