Dry Ice Distribution

We supply top quality Dry Ice in a variety of forms: solid block, sliced, pellets and rice. After our dry ice products are made, the various dry ice products are stored in our spacious warehouse, ensuring you’ll always get the dry ice you need fast!

We deliver our dry ice products using several distribution and delivery methods.

Scheduled Delivery Routes

We utilize our own fleet of vans and  box trucks to deliver our dry ice products throughout northeast Ohio and the surrounding areas.

Custom Delivery

In addition to our regular scheduled delivery routes, we also offer custom delivery schedules. Our goal is always to provide the freshest dry ice products to our customers and to provide the correct quantities of dry ice at the right time.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Even with the best planning, emergencies still arise requiring additional dry ice products to be delivered in a pinch.  Our 24 hour emergency delivery service provides our customers with peace of mind, knowing that we always have extra dry ice in our warehouse available for emergency delivery.  Call (330) 724-8423


Our dry ice warehouse in Akron, Ohio is open for pickup from 8:00am to 4:00pm daily. Our docks can accommodate most delivery vehicles from small vans to 53′ tractor trailers.

Wholesale Dry Ice Delivery

Our wholesale dry ice delivery is handled on a case-by-case basis and each wholesale delivery is evaluated to maximize the quantity of fresh dry ice and minimize the shipping costs. We deliver some wholesale orders using our own fleet of trucks and others are handled by commercial carriers. Learn more about our wholesale dry ice programs here.

Commercial Carrier

When delivery costs or timelines dictate, we can utilize commercial carriers to deliver your dry ice products. These capabilities include semi loads, LTL, and custom options.

Dry Ice Shipping Containers

dry ice shipping containers

Each of our insulated containers can store up to 96 blocks of Dry Ice weighing in at 5,780 lbs. These containers can also hold up to 4,000 lbs of Dry Ice pellets.

Dry Ice Is Perishable

Dry Ice is a perishable product. Both the quality and quantity of dry ice products diminishes over time with a loss of approximately 10% per day.

Establishing the proper delivery schedule is key to minimizing costs and maximizing the usable dry ice product. Ask us how we can help you save money on your dry ice products by adjusting your delivery schedule.

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