About Gehm & Sons Dry Ice

Gehm and Sons is a manufacturer and distributor of dry ice and related products located in Akron, Ohio.

Dry Ice Manufacturing

Our dry ice manufacturing facilities are located in Akron, Ohio where we make over 25,000 pounds of dry ice every day. Our dry ice block presses and pelletizers allow us to make the right products in the right quantities to supply our customers with the freshest dry ice available in Ohio. Learn More.

Dry Ice Distribution

From the dry ice plant, we distribute high quality dry ice across the United States. While the bulk of our dry ice customers are located in Northeast Ohio, we regularly deliver our dry ice products throughout the mid-west focusing on Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania,, New York, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Learn More

Wholesale Dry Ice Delivery

Our wholesale dry ice delivery is handled on a case-by-case basis and each wholesale delivery is evaluated to maximize the quantity of fresh dry ice and minimize the shipping costs. We deliver some wholesale orders using our own fleet of trucks and others are handled by commercial carriers. Learn more about our wholesale dry ice programs here.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Even with the best planning, emergencies still arise requiring additional dry ice products to be delivered in a pinch.  Our 24 hour emergency delivery service provides our customers with peace of mind, knowing that we always have extra dry ice in our warehouse available for emergency delivery.  Call (330) 724-8423

Our Proud History

Gehm and Sons has been an active business in Akon, Ohio for over 120 years and has evolved and changed to meet our customers needs. The first family business was a wagon shop founded by Jacob Gehm in the late 1880’s. The building was originally a hotel on the Ohio-Erie Canal. Upon Jacob’s passing, his youngest son Fred Gehm took over the shop and took on a partner.

In 1922 Fred’s oldest son, John W. Gehm, founded Summit Bottling Works – a soft drink company. Five years later, he began distributing CO2 gas and servicing the fountain equipment that used the CO2. John’s son, Harold W. Gehm continued the operation of the CO2 and syrup distribution business.

Summit Bottling Works was originally located on Thornton Street in Akron and later moved to Brown Street where the company name changed to John W. Gehm & Sons. The current location is on South Arlington Street and the name is Gehm & Sons, Ltd.

In 1963, Russell A. Gehm, John W’s second eldest son, started the dry ice distribution service. Some years later, his son Russell W. Gehm (a.k.a. Bill) continued the Dry Ice operation.

In 2000, Bill’s sons, Russell W. Gehm II and Harold W. Gehm II, took over the daily operation of the business. We are now proudly into the fifth generation, continuing our fine family tradition.

When Russel and Harry realized in 2016 that shortages in dry ice production by their suppliers was hurting their customers, they began manufacturing dry ice pellets and rice. Further supply shortages prompted the addition of state-of-the-art dry ice block manufacturing in 2018.

Our Team

We are able to make and distribute the freshest dry ice anywhere in Ohio because of our great team of dedicated people.