Dry Ice Manufacturing

Our dry ice manufacturing begins with liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) stored under pressure in our 300 psi bulk storage tanks. The liquid CO2 is piped to our dry ice block presses or dry ice pelletizing machines where the liquid enters an expansion chamber. Inside the expansion chamber, the liquid CO2 flashes to gas. The rapid expansion from liquid to gas causes the temperature to drop rapidly and roughly half of the CO2 gas freezes into dry ice snow. The dry ice snow is then compressed into solid dry ice blocks, or into dry ice pellets and rice.

dry ice maker akron ohioDry Ice Pellets and Rice

Our dry ice pelletizers produce 1500 pounds of dry ice pellets and rice every hour ensuring a constant supply of these critical products for our customers.

Our dry ice pellets are used in medical facilities, food production, manufacturing, transportation, and many other industries across northeast Ohio and the surrounding areas.

The dry ice blasting rice we produce is used primarily in manufacturing and industrial cleaning applications.

Dry Ice Blocks

Our state-of-the-art dry ice block presses produce  consistent 10″ x 10″ x 10″ – 55# blocks of dry ice – one every 3 minutes. These dry ice blocks are available whole, sliced at 1.5″, or custom cut.

Sliced and Custom Cut Dry Ice

Gehm and Sons provides both standard sliced dry ice and custom cut dry ice. As blocks come out of the presses, they are cut with custom band saws, radial saws, or gang saws to produce the standard 1.5″ dry ice slices or the many custom sizes our customers need.

Typical Forms of Dry Ice

  • Solid: standard solid blocks are 11″ x 11″ x 11″ cube weighing 55 pounds each.
  • Sliced: standard solid blocks are cut into 6 pieces approximately 1.5 inches thick by 11 inches square.
  • Special Cut: Standard solid blocks are cut to fit your requirements. Can also be individually wrapped.
  • Pellets: 5/8″ pellet
  • Blasting Rice: High-density blasting pellet used mainly for blasting equipment.

Freshness Matters

Dry Ice is a perishable product and the freshness of your dry ice matters. When you purchase dry ice from Gehm and Sons, you can be sure that the ice is as fresh as possible. That is the advantage of being Akron Ohio’s only, and one of just a handful of dry ice manufacturers in the State of Ohio. All other dry ice is shipped into Ohio meaning the dry ice product you receive from other distributors is a minimum of one day old and likely older. See how dry ice ages and the quality of old ice dimishes.